The Hateful Eight - First Poster

Quentin Tarantino’s attitude and creative output is so random, panicked, and scatterbrained that we can never really know what to expect from him. 

After some controversy a few months back about a leaked script, Tarantino decided that he wouldn’t make The Hateful Eight, his planned follow-up to Django Unchained. It was reportedly another screenplay that channels his love of Spaghetti Westerns into your typical Tarantino formula.

Tarantino has since redacted this statement. He’s a loose cannon when it comes to his proclamations, so nobody can really know for sure what’s happening in the Tarantinoverse until things are publically released. Today, we finally have a bit of reassurance that the eighth movie in Tarantino’s cannon will actually get made.

Check out the bold and wonderfully minimalist poster for The Hateful Eight below. Personally, I don’t think anything beats this Django Unchained poster, even though I don’t believe the movie lived up to the hype.

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