Total Editorial Staff Kill

Today, Macworld laid of most its staff. The website will continue with a much smaller staff, but not the staff that really defined Macworld for me.

These guys were (are) the best in the business. I’ve been reading (and listening to) their work for years. Whether it’s breaking tech news or a favorite childhood movie, everybody on that staff has something insightful and important to say. They deserve to not only have their thoughts shared with millions, but they deserve to make a living doing so. And now, they are out of work.

All of this comes hot on the heels of yesterday’s Apple event (I’m a little conflicted about linking to Macworld?) and the announcement of the new iPhones and Apple Watch. As ValleyWag reported, “squeezing one last grueling day of marathon iPhone coverage out of a team on the verge of firing is not cool.” Fantastic timing, IDG.

Please, follow Jason SnellDan MorenSerenity CaldwellPhilip MichaelsRoman Loyola, and Dan Frakes on Twitter. Support their work, get word out there, and help them land on their feet.

However, the future isn’t 100% grim. These incredibly talented writers will undoubtedly some new creative outlets in the coming weeks and months. Jason is bringing two new podcasts to Relay FM, including Techhive’s own Clockwise podcast. Read Jason’s post for more about that. Ren hinted on Twitter that she has a new project coming up soon.

It’s a sad day for tech journalism.

Brian Hamilton